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Hello everyone. Today, I’m here with more different topic -It’s English. My goal in this blog, not teaching. My goal is learning in here. I thought, if I write about somethings in English, I will want to again and again. I know me and I made a decision. It’s my diary and welcome to my English diary! You know, we trying to learn in English for about since 4. class in the school. But we didn’t be succesfully yet -at least the vast majority. I want to talk about this now. I will talk to you about ‘What am I doing for study?’, ‘How am I study for learn English?’ etc. Let’s go start!



When we went to primary school, we started learn in English. At first we learned ‘Introdusing’ like ‘Hello, I’m Seher, I’m 25 years old’ etc. This was just beginning. Then it continues until the last year of high school. But we have some problems about this. Actually, we think learn but real is we don’t. Because we should know grammer is not enough. When we go to abroad, English will be our best friend. And when we talk with someone, they don’t use grammer rules too much. We have to speak, we have to listen and we have to read a lot.


It’s simple, we aren’t patient. We want to understand quikly. But we shouldn’t hurry. For example me; I want to so much learning about everything. But my personality is very hasty. When I start a book in English I get bored quickly. If I watch a movie in English, I want to open Turkish subtitle. But there is something good. I am aware of my own problem. I think the solution is 'to be aware'. You see, I trying new things. I will continue and try new things.


I want to give you advices. My best advice is liking to other cultures. You should do research about other country and their language. If you like to them and their culture, you will want to learn their language. Maybe you can think that how am I like something. But when you research about something, definetely you will find that you like something. Other ones; I think (actually everyone thinks so), firstly you can watch movie and series a lot. But definitely it sounds and subtitle must be in English. When you just start it can be hardly for you. But I said just now : PATIENT IS IMPORTANT. You will get used to following the movie or series. Then very important part is music. Everyone likes listen to music. If you want to learn a new language, you should usually listen to music in the language you want to learn. You will see that you spend time for about us, you will start think in English. You will see that when you spend time for about it, you will start think in English. We can add a lot way but these are begining. You can share with me about your experiences. It would be great 😊

So, finally I want to remind you that I study learning in English recently. I hope I can inspire you with this article. Thank you for reading. See you soon :)

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