Paul M Done

This snapshot highlights interests, abilities and observations from me.

Working from the middle

Geographically we live in the middle of the continental United States. Although I'd prefer tropical climes, I love living in the nation's breadbasket.

Single Board Computers

For function and hobby, there are several projects I am using Raspberry Pi boards. Examples include Plex Media server (local only), Home Assistant, Pi Hole, web servers and databases. To date I have 42 working Pi's.

People Glue

Bringing people together is my greatest joy. It does not matter if it includes people in a work setting or helping someone find a deceased relative.

Thought & Tech

Used properly, technoloy should allow us to think more and let the tools do the basic stuff.

Creative Ideas

Old problems with new ideas, these are the ways I love to approach a problem. What can we do differently to do achieve our expected outcome?

That's a Free Pro-Tip

The excuse for not doing something is the easiest thing to do .

Project Library

The list of projects constantly grows. On occasion one will be finished.

My Work

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
AWS Cloud Certified Practioner
Certified Scrum Manager
Agile Certified Practoner (PMI-ACP)

Family Research

Find out how families can be forever


Think it, plan it, build it

Sources of Truth

Facts must be based in universal truths, find out

Let Me Show You

Here is my collection of videos

Sailing Interests

Get me to the sea - H. Melville

Everything Else

The catch-all for everything else

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you one day (when I work on making this work).