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Family History

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It's not that I am famous or somehow have anything in particular to share. I just have ideas, creations and thoughts that are worth sharing. My hope is that someone, somewhere will experience life a little more fully, or do something a little different. When we share things, consider new ideas, explore a little deeper that we can experience life more fully.

My views are shaped by my learning. I balance academic, religious and professional training into a cohesive viewpoint that is uniquely my own. I recognize the influences I have chosen to shape my views, but everything I share is something I believe because of understanding, experimentation and contemplation.

California State University San Bernardino
George Mason University
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Project Management Institute

My Viewpoints

Facts or Speculation

My experience includes established, well-consider things I consider facts. But I am neither a finished nor completed project. Instead, I am an evolving, learning and growing individual. I share my journey of experience and knowledge, including my evolution. Do not be concerned that everything I share is the final state of my understanding. Expect that much of what I share is a point in time, an understand up until now.
Here are some of the domains of my interests and experience:

Eternal truths Natural laws, the ways things traverse time and simply exist
Technical Interest Raspberry Pi, Cloud Computing, Communications
Landscaping Planting, Trees, Hardscapes, terraforming
Modernization Upgrades, level-ups, improvements
Design Home automation, web design, and art.
Family History Ancestor search, documenting personal histories and progression by proxy